Making progress

So I have been making slow but steady progress with my studies. Up to chapter 20 now of the book (CCNA). I’ve also been bumping my head against some pitfalls/restrictions in Perl 5.

I had to write some quick and dirty hacks to stop my app from crashing after I added automatic translations. I had tried try and catch loops but the program would still crash if not on the first occerance of the error but the second or third.

I ended up doing the following:

        my $meaning;
        $meaning = undef;
        eval { $meaning = $dictionary->get_meaning($translatekey); }; warn $@ if $@;

        if ($@) {
                return "Error word definition not found!\n";
        } else {
                $meaning =~ m/(1[^2]*2)/;
                $meaning = $1;
                $meaning =~ s/\n//g;
                $meaning =~ s/2//g;
                $translatedtxt .= "Dictionary definition:\n" . $mea ning . "\n";
        return $translatedtxt;

It stops the translator module from crashing my app. It also allows me to return a value to the part of the code that called this subroutine (it returns text with “Error …”).

This program works well but the response time now is over 1 second to retrieve the translations.

It took me sometime to figure out how to add a BoxSizer to wxWidgets and the documentation on wxPerl is hard to come by – a sign that Perl is not attracting as many developers as it should/could/deserves.

The full source code is on my Github page.

I plan to mess around with some more Cisco labs soon so hopefully I can write about something other than Perl soon….

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