Mango Madness

The heat is very oppressive up here in Darwin during the build up. I am having trouble just getting through my day at work let alone studying!

But I am still trying. Got one part left in my CCNA book review and I will be doing some more IPV4 sub-netting practice – soon. It is getting hard to focus on the topics as it is a bit boring at this point reviewing hundreds of minor technical details that seem unrelated to each other.

I do enjoy doing the laboratory exercises and building networks in Packet Tracer or GNS3. To keep me sane I have this pet project that combines my distrust of ext4 with perl.

I have two hard drives that contain all of my data that I have backed up over the years. I am trying to figure out which hard drive I should keep as the master but I can’t figure out which copy has the best copy of my data.

There are over 1000GB of files so I need to not mess this up. I wrote and rewrote a perl script that hashes each of the files and builds a database.

I can use this database to see which files are missing or which files are corrupted or modified.

The basic version of the program will even copy the files over but is not suitable for large amounts of files.

I am still waiting for the hashing to finish on one of the slower old drives. When it is done I will finally be able to see if ext4 has trashed all of my data.

The latest is a WIP but can crunch TB of data and millions of files using very basic resources. There is a Github page where you can get the source code:

This program is similar to hashtree but it serves a different purpose.

Screenshot from 2017-11-24 22-22-17Screenshot from 2017-11-24 15-41-42Screenshot from 2017-11-24 15-39-10Screenshot from 2017-11-24 14-22-11Screenshot from 2017-11-24 14-21-34

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