Static binary of hashtree, client side encryption and full AWS S3 style support!

Finally I have got a static binary of hashtree working for Linux (Windows, Mac OS and BSD to come). I am using s3cmd to do all the work and version 2.0.1 supports Digital Ocean which means I can stay with them.

This is a milestone for me as it means it’s simple to get things up and running and allows people to use a cloud provider of their choice whilst still staying safe – no clear text data is uploaded – even the database is encrypted.

Just simply type: pip3 install s3cmd
Download hashtree:
Source code:
Linux Binary(64bit):
FreeBSD Binary(64bit):
Setup s3cmd: s3cmd –configure (including encryption)

And run: hashtree bucket_name DIRECTORY/

Voilà! Data deduplication, verification and cross platform distribution.

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