5.5 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot basic HSRP

Ok this one is straight forward. But you must use a Layer 2 switch for HSRP messages to work (sending a ARP request to the switch when change over occurs to update the switch’s mac address table).

The config is really simple just add the commands in the interface configuration mode on the interface that router will have internally. Please note the router itself must have a default route in order to route traffic.

5.5a workspace
IOU-1 config:
5.5a r1 config
IOU-2 config:
5.5a r2 config
Routing rable of IOU-2:
5.5a routing table

Here is the log messages on IOU-1 after it’s interfaces is shutdown:
5.5 iou1 shutdown.png
Here are the log messages on IOU-2 after it takes over the router role:
5.5 iou 2
Here is the uninterrupted pings demonstrating uninterrupted network access:
5.5 ping act
Download pre-configured lab here.

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