Happy new year!

Happy new year to all my viewers. Hopefully you all get certified and dutifully employed!

I may be doing another Cisco cert soon. Let me know which course you are interested in.

3 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. Good day! Happy New Year to you! I really liked the 1984 called article. Want to know. Are there any changes and additions to the new tracking and statistics servers for the phone? ( I have Oneplus One) After adding to your firewall graph.facebook.com got a lot of locks on this server including other methods of collection. I like you hate the ads and especially the tracking of user activities. I would very much like to get information whether there are new domains to collect information? Regards, Andrew.


    1. Sorry Andrew I haven’t really looked into the tracking and analytics much since I made the app. This file contains all the domains my app blocks : https://github.com/wilyarti/simple-dns-adblock/blob/master/master.list

      You can also go to opens3.net to see the server statistics.

      graph.facebook.com is used whenever you see a Facebook like button on a webpage. Some android apps also use Facebooks API so send data back to Facebook.

      See this article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/privacy-international-hits-out-at-unconsented-facebook-tracking-within-apps/


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